Introducing the TankJet M60 Mobile Barrel Cleaner

11 April 2016
11 April 2016, Comments Comments Off

Wide range of products to clean barrels, vats and tanks with diameters up to 100′. Simplify and accelerate barrel cleaning without compromising cleaning quality with the TankJet M60. It’s mobile, provides powerful, fast cleaning at low flow rates to prevent toast removal and more.

About Spraying Systems Co.

Spraying Systems Co. is the global leader in spray technology and has an extensive line of tank cleaners and tank cleaning nozzles for cleaning barrels, tanks, vats and other containers.

Spraying Systems Co. has the broadest product line in the industry, with several manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 90 countries. Spray nozzles, turnkey spray systems, air systems, custom fabrication and research and testing services comprise the 77-year-old company’s offering. More information is available at or by contacting us directly at 011 618 3860 or by email


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