11 September 2017


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Introducing the TankJet 78 Sanitary Tank Cleaner Self-cleaning design is completely threadless and meets 3A Sanitary Standard 78-01. The unit provides high-impact cleaning along […]

6 September 2017


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INTRODUCTION Most people understand and appreciate the benefits of automated tank cleaning – cleaner tanks in less time, reduced chemical and water use and […]

11 April 2016

Introducing the TankJet M60 Mobile Barrel Cleaner

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Wide range of products to clean barrels, vats and tanks with diameters up to 100′. Simplify and accelerate barrel cleaning without compromising cleaning quality […]

15 October 2015

Tell us about your tank cleaning requirements

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We’ll Tell You Which of Our TankJet® Products Can: Reduce cleaning time Provide the correct level of impact for your operation Improve cleaning effectiveness […]

4 August 2015

Power Plant Saves Over US$20,000 Annually on Tank Cleaning Labour

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Problem: A Midwestern coal-fired power plant injected a lime reagent into a Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA) to control the emission of sulfur dioxide. The […]

22 June 2015

Automobile Parts Manufacturer Reduces Production Costs by 50% with New Lubrication System

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Problem: Van-Rob Stamping, a Canadian automobile parts manufacturer, was experiencing difficulty applying the proper amount of lubricant to the metal sheet before forming parts. […]

3 June 2015

New System Increases Number of Trucks Cleaned Daily and Reduces Downtime for Nozzle Repairs

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Problem: Industro Equipment, an OEM located in the southeast United States, needed to improve the performance of truck wash racks for an important customer. […]

7 May 2015

Waste Hauler Saves More Than US$60,000 Annually on Tank Cleaning Expenses

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Problem: Sprint Waste Services needed to quickly and effectively clean large “frac” tanks used in the oil and gas industry. The box trailer tanks, […]

22 April 2015

Specialty Chemical Manufacturer Saves $30,000 per Month with New Tote Cleaning System

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Problem: A manufacturer of specialty chemicals needed to thoroughly clean the interior surfaces of 4’ x 4’ (1.2 m x 1.2 m) stainless steel […]

12 April 2015

Cereal Manufacturer Improves Worker Safety and Increases Production Time with New Cleaning Equipment

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Problem: A leading producer of breakfast cereals needed to thoroughly clean the oven used for drying cereal. High pressure spray bars were used to […]